Thank you Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

Thank you Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

January 1, 2021

Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley
Rhinebeck Responds-Families and Individual Assistance
80 Washington Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Dear Members of the Grant Committees:
Thank you for your extremely generous grant of $4,450 which will pay for the amazing Farms 2
Tables fresh food boxes as well as provide future funding of the Extra Food for Kids Program, since
23% or 233 families in the Rhinbeck School District are socio-economically disadvantaged according
to their data. Though there are new supplemental unemployment benefits that will continue for a
limited time and reduced stimulus payments of $600-$1200 are to begin this month, many job losses
remain permanent and the effects of the present economic crisis are expected to remain deep into
2021 for most families.

This past December, in addition to our pantry guests’ weekly Tuesday food pickup, we provided 59
families (333 people) holiday baskets with hams, turkeys or roasting chickens, extra food bags for
children and Farms2Tables CSA food boxes that were funded by this grant through Rhinebeck
Responds. The families were grateful to receive farm-fresh food. To make the final pantry day of the
year a little special for the families, the children received chocolate “pops” in various shapes
purchased from Krause’s, hot cocoa purchased from Samuel’s was given to the pantry guests while
waiting for their food bags to be carried to them as well as beautiful cookie trees that were made and
donated by the Ask Me Ladies of Sinterklaas!

This December holiday food distribution was after 61 Thanksgiving food baskets had been given
including food and $100 gift cards to Pastor Luis for the families that he knows who are in dire
situations and wish to remain anonymous to the pantry staff. Seeking food assistance is
embarrassing for many people, so the pantry volunteers prepare food boxes that are delivered to
anonymous families by friends, which preserves their and all pantry guests’ dignity with kindness,
understanding and respect.

Your continued caring support gives us the means to expand our outreach as family hardships

With gratitude,
Brenda J. Brockett
Food Pantry Director/Coordinator
This letter serves as a receipt of your gift and confirms for tax purposes, that no goods or services were received in return.

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