Small Grants Fund to Aid Small Business

June 15, 2020

Rhinebeck Responds Launches Small Grants Fund to Aid Small Business

Rhinebeck Responds in cooperation with the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley is launching a Small Business Grant Program aimed at providing grants of up to $5,000 (per grantee) in direct financial support to small business owners in Rhinebeck Township.

The fundamental aim of this program is to assist small businesses through the difficult period of the Covid-19 lockdown and what is expected to be an extended period of difficult business conditions during the recovery.

Initial funding of more than $40,000 for this program has been provided by two lead gifts: $25,000 from local resident, Michael Clark and his business partner, Greg Perlman through Change Reaction, and a $15,000 gift from Maya Kaimal Foods whose owners live in Rhinebeck.

The grants will be targeted to businesses located geographically within the Village or Town of Rhinebeck that, according to the application, “were well-established businesses prior to the pandemic and have reasonable prospects for survival (after the recovery period).”

Rhinebeck Responds is seeking applications from a wide range of businesses including retail, restaurants, other food services, accommodations, cultural and entertainment companies, and social proprietors.

The grants will be distributed through the work of Small Business Grant Committee, chaired by Tom LeGrand.  Under LeGrand’s leadership the committee will be meeting weekly and making funding decisions each week, beginning the week of June15.  The committee is looking to use an accelerated timetable for grant decisions so applications can be received and reviewed quickly,  with decisions returned to applicants in a week to ten days. 

This project was developed through the work of the Rhinebeck Responds Small Business Committee led by Martha Honey and Lila Pague.  People interested in learning more about this program should write to [email protected] or contact Martha Honey at 845-516-4995. 

June 15, 2020

The Change Reaction offers 0% Loan Program

As a complement to the RR Small Business Grant Program, an innovative West Coast foundation, The Change Reaction, is offering Rhinebeck area businesses no-interest loans of up to $25,000 through the Hebrew Free Loan Association. 

The Change Reaction loan program like the RR Business Grants Fund, has been developed with funding from local resident Michael Clark and his business partner, Greg Perlman.  

For information about Change Reaction and a brief description of the no-interest loan program download this pamphlet.  To apply for a loan, click the link below.

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