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Here are Rhinebeck area professionals who generously offered to provide assistance to small businesses in legal and/or financial matters related to the Pandemic and economic depression. They are offering their services either pro bono or at deeply reduced rates. If you are interested in assistance, please contact anyone on the list directly, during the times they specify.

Willing to help?

If you or someone you know is willing to provide legal or financial counseling, please complete the following form for professional volunteers.  RhinebeckResponds.org will then contact you to discuss what you are offering.   For questions, contact Martha Honey: [email protected] or Tel: 845-516-4995.


Rhinebeck Area Professionals


Erin Clancy

Erin is a local financial advisor with Edward Jones focusing on serving the Rhinebeck community. She is a member of the Rhinebeck Chamber of Commerce and is offering financial services in the following areas:

We offer numerous investments and services to help you reach your financial goals, including smart spending and borrowing options, retirement, paying for education, estate considerations and protecting your assets. Please contact me for more information.

Address: Edward Jones, 1571 Ulster Ave, Suite 2, Lake Katrine, NY 12449
Hours available: Monday – Friday 9am-4pm
Phone: (o) 845-331-6293, (c) 845-464-2369
E-Mail: [email protected]

Linda Kagan

Linda is a commercial, corporate and litigation lawyer with offices in Rhinebeck and New York City (which is currently closed for meetings).

She is offering reduced and in certain situations barter or pro bono legal services needed by Rhinebeck business owners during the pandemic.

Her areas of expertise include:

    • Lease reduction or freeze negotiations (landlord and/or tenant) to modify lease term.
    • Business contract interpretation regarding obligations and the negotiation of modifications necessary given the Pandemic’s impact.
    • Bank loan negotiations to reduce or freeze debt obligations (mortgage, line of credit, equipment loans)
    • Non-bank Creditor obligations: reduce or freeze debt obligations (mortgage, line of credit, equipment loans)
    • Trademark and copyright protection
    • Employee contract modifications
    • Business Planning – analyze new business opportunities and post-Pandemic new economic picture
    • Managing Partner

Address: The Kagan Law Group, P.C., 108 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck, New York 12572
Hours available: Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm
Phone: 845-265-3300 (o), 347-452-8859 (c)
email: [email protected]

Chris Montalto

Chris is both an attorney and sole proprietor business owner. He is willing to offer pro bono legal assistance to small businesses or sole proprietors regarding the various government programs, stimulus packages, and other small business resources that are part of the government’s Pandemic and economic relief support.

Address: Law Office, Christopher A. Montalto, P.O. Box 514, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Hours available: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
Phone: 845.790.0845
Fax: 845.790.1223
email: [email protected]

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